Wednesday, 29 December 2010

5 Things You Can Do That Will Void Your Car Warranty

With Christmas still sitting heavily om my stomach I fired the laptop up to see what wise (?) words were being uttered across the Internet about Car Warranties. I use Google to monitor this and other automotive topics and much of what I find is drivel, nonsense or irrelevant as it is not UK centric. Therefore USA postings I almost always discount. Fortunately I didn't discount this AOL Autos article by Tom Torbjorsen (Maintenance Editor for AOL Autos)

Entitled 5 Dumb Things That Can Void Your Car Warranty this blog highlights some very relevant ownership issues that would indeed potentially impact your car warranty be it an aftermarket warranty, like ours, or the original manufacturers cover.

The key pieces of advice are:
  1. Fluids - Use the proper recommended fluids as specified by the car manufacturer
  2. Receipts - keep all receipts relating to servicing, parts and repairs
  3. Tyres and Wheels - keep to the recommended tyres/ wheel sizes for your vehicle and do not modify the suspension
  4. Performance and modifications - do not "chip" or modify your car
  5. Towing - don't tow more than the vehicle is designed to manage

The article is littered with reference to American legislation but is full of great advice and comment around warranties in general including consequential and non consequential damage.

The full article is available here and is worth a read as it is sound advice on car warranties for the New Year Ahead