Friday, 23 July 2010

Going on holiday in a company car? You need a VE103

So the roads will be clearer from next week thanks to the schools breaking up for the summer holidays.

This will mean many of us heading to foreign shores and lots of us in our cars or perhaps company cars.

If you have a company car that is on contract hire with a leasing company you MUST get permission from the leasing company to take the car abroad. This is known as a Travel Authority or a VE103

Some leasing companies may charge you for the form (it does actually cost them money to use the form template plus the issue of posting it out etc) but DO NOT be tempted to travel without one.

Failure to be able to produce a valid VE103 (they last 12 months) will lead to a hefty fine and your vehicle being impounded until you can produce a valid form , which I suggest just might take the edge off your holiday.